The story behind Dixie Pickers is rooted in a love of music, sports and the history and progression of all things southern. There are rules to being Southern. We are a proud, polite, faithful, responsible and accountable people- double that if you were born and raised here.

The progression of things fascinates me. Whether it’s the equipment for a particular sport or the towboat industry, I love to look back at the beginnings of things and the timeline of how it got where it is today.

That’s why we use the catfish as our logo. It represents my family’s history on the water and our passion for the fantastic Tennessee waterways. I grew up on a lake and when I was in college at the University of Memphis, I worked for my father and uncle at Waxler Towing, a towboat company started by my grandfather in the late 1950s.

I’ve wanted to open a vintage/memorabilia store for years, and once I got serious about it my wife suggested we carry men’s clothing as well. I agreed as long as the brands supported the idea of timeless value. I wanted clothing manufactured like it was in the past, with quality materials at an affordable price and perfect for the hunting camp or dinner on the town.

I started collecting as a kid. I would take my allowance to the Ben Franklin store and buy football cards. My first valuable card was Terry Bradshaw, former quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Picking came later when I had more than 50 cents to spend. The only thing that has really changed is the size of my toys.

I recently found a medical box used on the sidelines of the of the old World Football League, The Memphis Southmen. It feels and smells of the ‘70s and is still loaded with supplies from the last game of the Southmen. I also have an orange and blue, porcelain Gulf gas station sign that is really a great pick! But my most valuable piece is a football signed by all my coaches in high school. It is and will always be NFS (not for sale).

Dixie Pickers is a place where people can come to shop without feeling pressured.  We have a lot to offer;  from an ever-changing inventory of quality clothing and specialty items for men to vintage vinyl, comics or sports memorabilia.

I guess you could call us a ‘mantique.’

Dixie pickers is a special place. There are a lot of antique stores around, but where else can you stop in to buy a pair of khakis and come out with a great pair of pants AND a vintage popcorn machine?

Damon resides in Memphis with his wife and business partner, Dawn, and their children, Danica and Dylan.


 MEMPHIS: 964 June Road, 38119 - 901.746.8067